Unlocking Success: 65+ Appointments in Just 3 Months

Nov 1, 2023


As a personalized breathing app, Breath Hub recognized the value of collaborating with a professional team to advance their sales development processes. The partnership with Leadhunter led to a successful outcome, booked 65+ meetings within the first 3 months, fueled by high-quality leads.

Location: Turkey, UK, USA
Target: HR & Employee Benefits teams

About Breath Hub

Breath Hub is the world’s largest breathwork community offering a guided breathwork practice that combines scientific expertise with personalized breathing programs. With over 800 sessions and courses to choose from, individuals can heal and alleviate over 200 common medical complaints.

The team behind Breath Hub consists of eminent scientists and experts in the field, ensuring that the practice’s programs are based on sound scientific principles and research.

Breath Hub’s innovative approach to breathwork is revolutionizing the way people understand their breathing habits. It empowers individuals to breathe better, improve their overall well-being and unlock their full potential.


In the competitive realm of B2B lead generation, where innovation is the key to success, Breath Hub, the trailblazers behind the world's first and only personalized breathing application, teamed up with Leadhunter. This success story chronicles an exhilarating journey of crafting and orchestrating cutting-edge lead generation systems, both on LinkedIn and through email. In just 3 months, we achieved an impressive feat - orchestrating a remarkable 65+ meetings, setting a new standard for excellence.

Breath Hub: Pioneers of Personalized Breathing

Breath Hub has redefined well-being by developing a revolutionary breathing application, created by breathwork experts. Their personalized breathwork practices are designed to alleviate stress, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.

The Challenge

For Breath Hub, the challenge was clear - to elevate their lead generation efforts and expand their reach. The goal was simple - to leverage quality lead generation for sustained growth.

Leadhunter Solution

In seamless collaboration with Breath Hub, Leadhunter engineered a strategy to create lead generation systems that would leave a lasting impact:

LinkedIn Leverage: We harnessed the vast potential of LinkedIn, identifying key stakeholders, and sparking meaningful conversations, setting the stage for promising partnerships.

Email Excellence: With a surgeon's precision, we crafted personalized and compelling email campaigns that captured attention and guaranteed high inbox deliverability.

ICP identification and modification: We refined our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by concentrating on two distinct segments: HR professionals and employee benefits teams. Our tailored value propositions were designed to meet their specific needs. In addition, we explored opportunities for partnerships, showcasing the benefits of offering Breath Hub product and offline workshops.

Implementation of 4 hybrid outreach campaigns for various target audiences: We crafted four lead engagement strategies, customized for various audiences. Each campaign included 3-6 components, encompassing cold email outreach, LinkedIn outreach, and our unique Leadhunter touch :))

What we did

The transformation was evident in the numbers, showcasing a remarkable journey in just 3 months:

Quality Meetings: We orchestrated an impressive 65+ high-quality meetings, setting new standards for engagement and interactions.

Conversion Surge: Our strategic outreach led to a substantial increase in conversion rates. Leads weren't just interested; they were ready to embrace the Breath Hub experience.

Unparalleled ROI: The collaboration with Leadhunter delivered an impressive return on investment, underscoring the power of targeted lead generation.

On average, we were delivering 20+ appointments per month. 25% Click rate, %5.9 response rate

LinkedIn connections accepted: 52.1%, Message replies: 21%

6.7K Number of prospects generated

84% Cold email open rate

65+ Appointments booked


In the world of B2B lead generation, quality always takes precedence over quantity, and Breath Hub's partnership with Leadhunter is a shining example of this truth. Together, we've shown that by focusing on the right strategies and the right audience, remarkable success is not just a dream; it's a reality.

Breath Hub's role in transforming our lead generation systems goes beyond the numbers; it's about revolutionizing how we engage and convert leads for groundbreaking well-being solutions. If you're interested person in well-being works, consider the transformative power of Breath Hub.

To replicate these results for your company and embark on your growth story, reach out to us today.