48 appointments in 4 months and 60+ leads every month in the sales pipeline

Dec 1, 2023


Streamline your company's legal document management with Onedocs' centralized platform. Create efficient document and contract workflows that seamlessly span entire teams. The partnership with Leadhunter led to a successful outcome, booked 48+ meetings, generated 250+ leads.

Location: Turkey
Target: Legal & Finance teams

Emrullah Saruhan
Co-founder - Onedocs

Onedocs: Revolutionizing Contract Management:

Onedocs is a top-notch contract management platform that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline processes. Tailored for legal and finance teams, Onedocs empowers organizations to enhance efficiency, mitigate risk, and elevate productivity in their contract management workflows.


In the competitive world of B2B sales, Onedocs, a contract management platform, teamed up with Leadhunter for a game-changing collaboration. This success story narrates an exciting journey of crafting and executing powerful sales strategies, both on LinkedIn and through email. In just 4 months, this partnership not only secured over 250 leads but also booked 48 meetings.

The Challenge:

For Onedocs, the goal was clear - elevate their sales efforts, connect with legal and finance professionals in Turkey, and create substantial opportunities for growth.

Unpredictable sales cycle: The client wanted to improve their capacity to predict potential revenue and ensure a more steady influx of clients.

Expansion necessity: The client desired to expansion in the market but faced constraints due to limited capacity.

Leadhunter's Strategic Approach:

In collaboration with Onedocs, Leadhunter developed a comprehensive strategy to revolutionize sales and make a significant impact:

ICP and creating clean data: onedocs' clear ICP made our job easier. We created a clean data study.

Implementation of Outreach Strategies: Prior to engaging Leadhunter, Onedocs had not employed any outreach tactics. The primary emphasis for the company was to commence with minimal risks while achieving tangible results.

Establishing an Appointment-Setting Process: Initially, Leadhunter initiated email outreach, targeting various job titles. Subsequently, the campaign's statistical insights guided adjustments to the email content, with the client's feedback shaping the overall workflow.

Significant Outcomes:

The impact was evident in the numbers, showcasing substantial progress in just three months:

Sales Success: Over 40+ high-quality sales meetings were booked, setting a new standard for engagement and successful deal closures.

Conversion Surge: Strategic sales outreach led to a significant increase in conversion rates. These weren’t just leads; they were enthusiastic advocates embracing the Onedocs solution.

Impressive ROI: The collaboration with Leadhunter delivered a remarkable return on investment, emphasizing the effectiveness of targeted sales strategies.

On average, we were delivering avg. 12 appointments per month. 25% Click rate, %5.9 response rate

LinkedIn connections accepted:47.7%, Message replies: 10.9%

We filled the client’s pipeline with Avg. 60 monthly leads

5.2K Number of prospects generated

79% Cold email open rate

48 Appointments booked

60 Avg. monthly leads in the sales pipeline