6X sales increase within one year for AR&AI Company PulpoAR

Jan 1, 2023


PulpoAR came to Leadhunter seeking scaling up their sales operations. As a result, they've increased MRR and created a sales pipeline full of potential long-term clients.

Onur Candan
Founder & CEO - PulpoAR

About PulpoAR

PulpoAR enables makeup, nail polishing and skincare consumers to virtually try on products directly on their face or hands through social media, e-commerce, mobile apps or smart screens. PulpoAR offers SaaS model and has customers from 20+ countries.


PulpoAR is a B2B SaaS solution that started looking to go outbound into the US, LATAM & Europe regions. Having 60+ partners and active customers in 20+ countries, mainly from inbound, PulpoAR wanted to minimize time to market and outsource outbound lead generation to an agency. Once Leadhunter does the prospecting and books appointments, the PulpoAR sales team steps in and starts nurturing prospects and closing deals. Here’s a bunch of tasks the client set for us.

Outsourcing pipeline generation

A quick expansion into new markets requires increased headcount. Companies can outsource pipeline generation to a third party when they want to scale up fast. This way, the company grows, and the headcount remains the same. PulpoAR wished to provide their sales team with a steady flow of qualified appointments.

Increase business visibility

PulpoAR has few high-quality counterparts that can provide a similar product in quality, price, and availability. However, being an innovative leader in the AR&AI space won’t automatically scale your business. The key to success is to build your business visibility to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. Leadhunter’s mission in this collaboration was to bring as many potential customers as possible by increasing the company’s visibility even among those who previously doubted their need for cooperation.

Sales templates

Whatever email outreach approaches PulpoAR had used before Leadhunter stepped in, the new ones had to be developed for a new market. At least one set of templates with a specific value proposition for different titles has to be developed before an outreach campaign starts.

What we did

The Leadhunter team started by establishing a market strategy framework required to reach out to the target audience and offer prospects a relevant solution to their pain points.

According to the contract, we had to deliver 30 appointments in first three months. We booked 26 appointments in the first 1.5 months

13000+ Number of prospects generated

88% Avg. email open rate

11 New country operations

Building a pipeline for US Market

Leadhunter saw its task in targeting predominantly large corporate companies(directrly cosmetics brands, marketplaces and retailers). When dealing with account-based sales in B2B companies, it’s essential to get:

Well-defined ICP

ICP analysis was completed with the PulpoAR team. Leadhunter helped decide on which brands was the best fit for PulpoAR, which accounts the team had to send messages to, and which key stakeholders they had to be looking for.

Targeting the right stakeholders

PulpoAR needs to target C-level, Marketing department and E-commerce department. Usually, in account-based sales, you focus on several decision-makers rather than targeting one key person.

Personalized focus

Social media platforms offer ample opportunities to find out what your key stakeholders are interested in and talking about. Deep lead research enabled Leadhunter SDRs to tailor their message and get in front of key stakeholders quickly and hassle-free.

Outreach templates

For PulpoAR, Leadhunter used email outreach & Linkedin. The team has a set of email templates with a specific value proposition for different titles. We didn't look for other approaches since then, this approach worked from the very beginning.

Why is important

Developing a set of outstanding email/Linkedin templates is like equipping your team with sales battle cards. Its essential. there are many rules that a winning template needs to comply with. from personalized subject lines to engaging propositions, template copywriters need to factor in so many things, such as a company's ICP, target market, shared psychographic features of their social demographics, and so on. Plus, the mechanics of writing an enticing piece of short-form content.


Regardless of challenges along the way, Leadhunter achieved the sales development goals within the available time frame:

Enhanced insight into marketing strategies that are success-programmed

Precise data analysis that will be of great help with future campaigns

+88% avg. open rate from quality leads

10% reply rate from potential customer

$350K In Revenue

180+ Meetings booked

27 Deals closed