85+ Appointments in the 6 months

Dec 6, 2022

Yellow Flower

Being a AR development company, Upfilts thought it would be effective to work with a professional team to further scale their sales development processes. Furthermore, the success of the cooperation $43K revenue in the first 2 months provided with qualified leads brought by Leadhunter.

Umut Gulseroglu
Managing Director - Upfilts

About Upfilts

Upfilts is the next-generation Augmented Reality company. They develop AR filters for social media and AR applications of hundreds of national and international brands. They are the creators of many projects in the field of Web AR and Social AR, which consists of beauty, gaming, and fun filters.


Despite the decent organic growth, the Upfilts team knew that it wasn’t enough if they wanted to operate on a larger scale and increase their number of clients. They knew that more businesses could benefit from their offer, but in order for those businesses to learn about it, Upfilts had to be more visible, more available to more brands. That was something traditional marketing couldn’t do.

B2B sales prospecting

Prospecting is crucial in every organization because it directly impacts the top line. However, this task is often tedious and intrusive, making it one of the least favorite tasks of sales professionals. Even if you don’t see prospecting stall in your company, ensuring your sales pipeline is packed with fresh quality leads is essential to the bottom line. Upfilts wished to make the most of its in-house sales team by outsourcing the back-breaking work of prospecting to a third-party expert.

Need for a flexible outsourced sales team.

Having started as a very small team, Upfilts didn’t have the capacity and budget for an in-house sales team. Yet, at the same time the company needed experienced SDRs to initiate conversations with potential customers and steer these conversations towards booking an appointment.

No established sales process.

Upfilts had a great experience with AR development; however, it lacked a solid sales channel and a detailed customer’s journey. It was impossible to shape a full sales funnel and manage leads with top efficiency without these vital components.

What we did

Don’t leave your sales process to chance. Map it out, understand how they enter your sales funnel and how you want to convert them into customers. Write a sales pitch to personalize your approach to your prospects.

4000+ Number of prospects generated

80% High value leads

62& LinkedIn reply rate

CRM Setup

Together with the Upfilts team, we set up a customer relationship management system for tracking every lead entering the sales funnel.

Channel testing

After building the foundation, we were able to proceed with finding the best approach for the Upfilts. We looked for a B2B lead generation channel that would let Upfilts connect with the right decision-makers in the right industry and gradually nurture a mutually beneficial relationship.

In the course of our testing, we figured out that LinkedIn messages in conjunction with email outreach are the best option for Upfilts.

In the Linkedin, business owners can communicate with potential customers on an everyday basis, dive deeper into their problems, and figure out the best way to present their products and services.

Email outreach is the most efficient and non-invasive way of communicating with prospects. It allows us to build the right pace of conversation, exchange marketing materials freely and nurture recipients into making a deal.


The fact that the current strategy in use seems to be effective does not mean that it will remain so. You should be ready to seek new ways to bring in more prospects into the pull. Taking small steps at a time is vital.

Increased appointment rate.Higher open rate
Stable sales pipeline
Appointments with high-value prospects

85+ Appointments setting

$43K Revenue in first 2 months

5X Opportunities